Robert Mueller revealed as corrupt “Clinton fixer” in FBI Vault documents: He helped sweep Uranium One scheme under the rug

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Documents recently uncovered from deep within the FBI Vault show that, just like his successor, the shamed James Comey, then-Attorney General and now-special counsel, Robert Mueller, actively covered for alleged crimes conducted by failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton via her infamous Clinton Foundation.

According to these documents, Mueller dismissed repeated “pay-to-play” accusations that both Bill and Hillary Clinton were the recipients of tens of millions of dollars in “donations” that were really disguised payments for things like selling uranium to the Russians. Mueller closed numerous criminal investigations related to these alleged crimes, in the process providing no recommendations as to criminal indictments.

Perhaps the most concerning of these “donation” payments that Mueller buried as part of his own contributions to this injustice were those levied in exchange for mined uranium. A Canadian company known as Uranium One, owned by a man named Frank Giustra, reportedly paid the Clintons millions of dollars to obtain influence in U.S. politics. In return, this cozy little relationship allowed Uranium One to eventually seize control over about 20 percent of all the uranium mined in the U.S. – isn’t it amazing what a little Clinton Cash can buy?

Worse is the fact that public records further show that this illicit setup facilitated the transfer of uranium to Russia and Vladimir Putin, with even more money flowing into the Clinton Foundation as payment. Back and forth all this money went, the FBI documents suggest, with shady tax reporting by the Clintons and their various shell “charities” concerning both the sources and uses of all this cash.

“… [F]rom 2005 to 2013, the public record suggests Giustra was responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in ‘charitable donations’ to the Clinton Foundation and hundreds of thousands of dollars to Bill Clinton in speaking fees that are suspected of violating numerous federal, state, and international laws governing the operation, administration, and financial reporting of charitable entities,” reports Infowars.

Clintons set up uranium deal with Russia under guise of ‘curing HIV’ in Africa

It was when Bill Clinton just so happened to be in Almaty, Kazakhstan, on the very same day as Frank Giustra back in 2005 that these dubious dealings commenced. Bill Clinton was reportedly there to announce a new agreement with the government of Kazakhstan to purchase HIV drugs at a low cost – even though HIV wasn’t even a problem in the country at that time. And Giustra was there to talk business about breaking into Kazakhstan’s lucrative uranium market.

As Giustra was attempting to make arrangements with the government agency in charge of facilitating this, it just so happens that then-Senator Hillary Clinton had also tried to grease the wheels and secure the deal, a fact that has now become apparent through the revealed documents. Just a few years later, that deal was finalized, and Giustra returned the favor by donating a cool $31.3 million back to the Clinton Foundation as a thank you, earmarking it as charity money “to help fight HIV/AIDS in Africa.”

That same year, Russia’s State Atomic Nuclear Agency, known as Rosatom, suddenly announced that it was going to negotiate entry into an investment for Uranium One. In 2009, Rosatom purchased a 17 percent stake in the company, and in the months to follow another $8.66 million in “donations” flowed back to the Clinton Foundation.

Rosatom then attempted to purchase majority ownership in Uranium One, and right around that same time Bill Clinton was invited to Moscow to give a speech at Renaissance Capital (RenCap) for which he would be paid $500,000. RenCap is reportedly a Cypress-based corporation controlled by former Russian intelligence officers with close ties to Vladimir Putin, which means it’s the Clintons who should be the target of an investigation for illicit ties to Russia, not our current president.

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